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Meet The Instructor


❖ Certified Personal (ACE)


❖ Certified Pilates Instructor (FITOUR Primary)


❖ Functional Training Specialist (ACE)


❖ First AID CPR/AED (Red Cross)

Bibi Mbayi


My background includes 20 + years experience in the fitness field. As a fitness professional I have trained and worked with people from all walks of life having various fitness goals. I am very passionate on educating and motivating people towards a healthier life-one that embraces movement and getting a handle on their nutrition. 

My objective is simple: to help you achieve your fitness goals. Your body is your temple and the most wonderful gift given to man. Without a healthy body, our minds becomes unhealthy too. I believe that your body only does what your mind tells it my purpose here is to motivate your mind to take care of your body. I specialize in injury, sustainable, strength, balance, and weight loss, fitness program. Centering Pilates and fitness is located in Maitland FL.


Come and experience comfortable studio where you leave your day behind and take some time to focus on yourself. You will get a challenging workout in a non-judgmental and nurturing atmosphere so you can focus on creating your new Pilates body. 

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