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Reformer Workout


Reformer Pilates starts by building a balance core and then strengthening all sides of the body evenly to correct muscle imbalances. The pilates reformer can create greater balance and efficiency to help prevent injury in the future.

Woman Stretching

One on One stretching 

Benefits of stretching Research has shown that stretching can help improve both your body's flexibility and mobility. Mobility is the range of motion of your joints. Flexibility is the ability of your muscles, tendons and ligaments to lengthen.

Intense Training

Pilates/Core Training

One on One pilates training is the best way to achieve your best body with pilates

TRX Strapes


Trx is great way to use your own body weight to get in shape.

Lifting Kettle Bell

Weight training

Adding weight bearing exercise with your pilates training is the best way to see result faster.


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A Pilates Promise from me to you,


At Centering Pilates and Fitness clients of all ages and levels are welcomed. Whether you are an athlete or new to exercising, we will work together to devise a program that will best suits your needs. We only offer the highest level of training. Along with the traditional exercise we offer TRX, Stretching, Reformer pilates , Bands exercise, Kettle bell workouts, Breathing, and Floor workouts to challenge the entire body. We also incorporate percussive breath, which will help you to achieve a better connection between your mind and body. With consistent practice, you will have  more strength, better posture and balance, joint flexibility, and more energy to through out your busy day.

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